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New to yoga? Start with this class. The title says it all. Soulful Stretch is a gentle class that focuses on providing deep release in the areas of the body that accumulate day to day tension. This practice is for someone who wants to be guided into stretches and poses in an approachable way. Whether you are taking your first class or you are looking for some deep relaxation, this class will leave you feeling calm, content and blissful. My most popular class, we will explore different stretches and poses to free up the hips, lower back, neck, shoulders and spine. Consider it a whole body refresh. 


Trust me, you can flow. This class is for someone who wants to clear their energy and be left feeling open and elevated. Flow-based practices are a mood booster, and this class is an introductory approach to linking movement with breath. Consider this class a step up from Soulful Stretch - inviting more movement, exploring standing postures and threading one pose to the next as we piece together a cycle of sequences. The progressions will be fun and surprising as we dance between effort and ease. Stretching, toning, and building heat in a gentle way. 

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Get creative with me! I love teaching intuitively - creating sequences on the spot! This practice is for someone who has taken yoga classes before and wants to explore fun, out of the box sequences. In this class I will gauge the level of the room. We will start gentle and add options to deepen your practice! I call it a blend, because it is a mix of styles from flows to holds to fun sequences and traditions! This class will leave you feeling aligned, open, playful, and inspired. 

This practice is for those who want to add strength and tone to their practice. Conditioning for Yoga is an upbeat practice that focuses on activating the core and building strength through mobility, repetitive movement and transitions. A blend of flows and holds, this practice was created to help you take your practice to the next level! You will be left feeling motivated, sweaty, accomplished and ready for more.


Contraindications: Shoulder pain / trouble in downward dog / wrist pain, please let me know prior to practice!

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Need help deciding? Send us an email we will offer recommendations!

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