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welcome to H.E.Y.

HEY stands for Heart Exchange Yoga

The Heart Exchange is an open space to move, breathe and be. 

It is a space for you to shift your energy from doing to being, from tension to bliss, from fear to love. 

There are 10 Yoga classes on the schedule, and 10 opportunities to shift into the highest version of you. 

a new studio for you to experience

Located in Salem, NH, The Heart Exchange is a growing community of local healers, teachers and artists serving up all the things that keep us open, vibrant, balanced and well including daily yoga classes, reiki, workshops and events!

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upcoming events

About 2

the soul purpose.

"Each time we practice, we experience the union of the body, mind & soul, which always leads us back to love. As our truest, most authentic exchange, we move out of love for ourselves. We breathe out of love for all beings. Awake & aware, from moment to moment, we practice to be better humans. It starts with you, it starts with me, and together we cultivate The Heart Exchange."

stay in touch

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