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Winter Living: Ayurvedic Practices

W/ Bonnie Leary

  • 35 US dollars
  • Ermer Road

Service Description

A 2-Part Series Part 1: Saturday, January 28th / 11am - 1pm Part 2: Saturday, February 18th / 11am - 1pm It seems most of us forget that we are part of nature. We are nature. We are cyclical. Just as the trees, the soil, the birds, and sky are nature, we are also. In modern times we separate ourselves and as a result we suffer in mind, body, and spirit. In this workshop I want to take you on a journey to show you how to thrive this winter. I want to be your seasonal guide on this journey where you can learn how to nourish and heal through this season using the ancient practices of Ayurveda. In using the five senses it will become clear that we all have access to a wide array of tools that are at our fingertips that we can use to keep us vital and strong through the dark months of January and February. I will teach you how to live in coordination with nature by providing you with techniques to use for preparing food/cooking, yoga, meditation, movement, and many self-care practices that will keep you firmly grounded, resilient and empowered during this winter season. What is Ayurveda? Ayu=Life Veda=Deep Study The Study of Life Ayurveda is the holistic ancient healing medicine of India or the sister science of yoga. Think of Ayurveda and Yoga as two sides of the same coin. Yoga is the path to enlightenment and Ayurveda is the path to longevity. Ayurveda incorporates the five elements of nature (fire, water, air, space, earth) and teaches how each individual is made up of these five elements, as nature is. In knowing this we can learn what our specific, dominant constitution (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) is and how we can use this information to know ourselves and therefore heal ourselves. Please bring a notebook in case you want to take notes and a seasonal token will be presented at the end of the workshop. I can’t wait to see you there!

Contact Details

  • 15 Ermer Rd, Salem, NH, USA

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