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welcome spring on a body, mind & soul level 

As the seasons change, so do we. It’s a natural shift of energy, desires, needs, perspectives, routines… and with Spring just around the corner, you’ve most likely been finding yourself craving change… craving something fresh, something new, something different. 


This is your inner essence preparing to emerge from the Winter slumber… Can you feel it?


You might be experiencing a thawing of your brilliant ideas. Those ideas that have been frozen over the past 3 months that suddenly feel possible, and it’s possibility that eases us out of the energy of hibernation, rest & stillness, while leading us into the energy of rebirth, renewal, growth, fertility, awakening, clarity… What finds shape and strength as we approach the Spring Equinox will determine the rest of the year. 


So I invite you to consider… What is possible for you as you transition into Spring?

join us sunday, march 19th for a festival of events

The Spring equinox is a turning point that symbolizes a stepping outward… stepping outward to plant the seeds of intention, activity and action around what you desire to embody as you move through the rest of the year… it is a powerful, potent & pivotal time to remember who you are, to give voice to your inner essence, and to harness the seasonal energy that is wanting you to function on a whole new level.


We’re here for all of it, and here to assist you with this beautiful shift into Spring… which is why we’re holding a day of celebration at Heart Exchange Yoga, and we’re calling it Well-Within Spring Equinox Festival.


On Sunday, March 19th 2023, the day before the Equinox, we will be offering a whole line up of events curated to reach you on a body, mind & soul level. Experience different modalities of wellness and healing arts to release the sluggish energy of winter. Work with different teachers, leaders & healers in the Spiritual community to become reacquainted with your Self, regain clarity of the heart & mind, and recalibrate your Self in the energy of Spring!


When we can bring the body, mind & soul back into balance, we can experience what it means to truly be well… are you ready to feel well-within? are you ready to feel excited about what’s possible? are you ready to feel confident in the energy that spring is calling you to embody?




attend whole day, just one area of focus, or drop into one class... 

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meet your festival guides


 Bonnie Leary

Spring Living:
Ayurvedic Practices 

Class Description & Bio What is Ayurveda?  Ayu=Life Veda=Deep Study The Study of Life Ayurveda is the holistic ancient healing medicine of India or the sister science of yoga. Think of Ayurveda and Yoga as two sides of the same coin. Yoga is the path to enlightenment and Ayurveda is the path to longevity. Ayurveda incorporates the five elements of nature (fire, water, air, space, earth) and teaches how each individual is made up of these five elements, as nature is.  In knowing this we can learn what our specific, dominant constitution (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) is and how we can use this information to know ourselves and therefore heal ourselves. It seems most of us forget that we are part of nature. We are nature. We are cyclical. Just as the trees, the soil, the birds, and sky are nature, we are also.  In modern times we separate ourselves and as a result we suffer in mind, body, and spirit.  In this workshop Bonnie will be offering ways you can thrive this Spring. She will be your seasonal guide on your journey to nourishment and healing by using the ancient practices of Ayurveda. When exploring the five senses it will become clear that we all have access to everything we need to feel balanced & well at our fingertips...basic tools that we can use to keep us vital through the shift in seasons.  Bonnie will teach you how to live in coordination with nature by providing you with techniques to use for preparing food/cooking, yoga, meditation, movement, and many self-care practices that will keep you firmly grounded, resilient and empowered during Spring! Enjoy this lecture-style discussion about Ayurvedic wisdom for Spring living! ​ Be sure to bring a notebook & something to write with! ​ Bio ​ Bonnie is a Massachusetts native who started practicing yoga over a decade ago.  She is fascinated and passionate about the philosophy and the techniques of the mind-body connection.  The strength and healing that yoga has brought her was an inspiration to obtain her 200-hour yoga certification under Vicki Garino from Discover the Wonders Yoga in Dracut, Massachusetts.  Bonnie is also an English teacher at Burlington Public Schools and integrates her passion for yoga and meditation into her young students as she teaches them the intricacies of the English language and American culture.  Currently, she is continuing her studies in the sister science of yoga, Ayurveda, to eventually become an Ayurvedic/Yoga Health Coach and Herbalist as well as a 500-HR RYT.   Bonnie's goal is to spark a light in each student to realize their own strength, confidence, and healing power that is already present within each one of us.


Kelcey Waldron

Awake & Aware:
A Spring Yoga Practice

Class Description & Bio Movement has so much potential to shift us out of the heavy, dense energy that you may have accumulated over the winter months. Late Winter, and even into early Spring, it's common to feel heavy & lethargic... so movement might just be your best medicine to lift your spirits, rid your body of tension, clear your energy and open your heart & mind. In this practice we will focus on approachable poses & sequential movement to create space for all that is new as we transition to Spring! Being the Equinox, a day of balance, we will also explore balancing postures to align with the Earth's equilibrium and welcome balance back into our lives. This practice will leave you feeling energized & vibrant.  ​ Bio ​ Kelcey Waldron is the owner of Heart Exchange Yoga, is a 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher, and currently on the 500-hr track. She has been teaching for 6 years, has over 1,000 teaching hours and is completely in love with offering classes with the belief that Yoga enhances your life in so many beautiful ways. Kelcey is currently exploring what it means to be nourished, whole & complete in her personal practice, and she is committed to leading students to meet themselves in this light. Practice with Kelcey at HEY - she has created a soft place to land for the body, mind & soul.

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Celeste Field

Alchemized Breathwork

Class Description & Bio You're invited to join me in a deep journey within. We use our breath to process, release, let go and heal. To let go of stress, to call in and manifest your future from a place of clarity. ​ This is not a slow, deep breathing through the nose class. We use the technique called Conscious Connected breath which is fast-paced, and deep in and out through the mouth that leads to hypo-frontality or slowing down of the thinking part of the brain.   Breath-holds such as those in Wim Hof's method will be taught but not required. ​ Technique and what to expect will be taught and then we get right into 25 minutes of the hard work followed by 30 minutes of melting into Zen. Please consult a physician before beginning breathwork if you have the following or any concerns: ​ Cardiovascular problems, including history of heart attacks, high or abnormal blood pressure, personal or family history of aneurysms, glaucoma or retinal detachment, osteoporosis, recent surgery or physical injury, pregnancy, epilepsy or history of seizures, panic attacks or any mental illness not adequately supported by professional care, and/or persons with asthma should bring their inhaler to class. ​ Bio ​ Celeste began her journey into energy medicine with Reiki, becoming Reiki Master attuned in 2018. Once discovering how well universal energy assists in balancing our energy, she began to dig deeper in finding root sources or causes to those imbalances within individuals. Once you begin on the path you are meant to be on, Celeste believes, the universe conspires to assist in opening the right doors at just the right time. She heard about electric health and a modality called Biofield Tuning right when it was needed most in herself and her clients. Becoming Practitioner certified in the fall of 2019, she never looked back. After the Covid pandemic and having her daughter in December of 2020, a new passion came into Celeste’s life which nicely completed the other energetic work she had been practicing. She had been searching for a way to better release and relax her patients from somatic traumas trapped in the body when she remembered a quick-paced Breathwork course she had taken 10 years prior. Celeste became Breathwork practitioner certified in the beginning of ’23 and considers it to be one of the easiest to implement practices she has studied because, well, we have all breathed since birth, so our tools are already securely in our toolbelts. She believes breathwork is one of the fastest ways to bring to the surface and eliminate subconscious barriers holding us back from achieving our highest potential. Find out more about Celeste, Book one-on-one sessions from her studio in Amesbury, MA and find all of her in-person or virtual Breathwork classes through her website and Instagram @reikifield

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Shauna Gullbrand

Renewed You: Journaled Intention & Group Tarot Reading

Class Description & Bio As we emerge from the quiet of winter to the activity of spring, we are given the opportunity to rebirth ourselves, to plant new seeds and burst forth the call of our inner desires.   ​ Luminary Life Coach and Yin Yoga Teacher, Shauna Gullbrand will take you through a guided meditation and journaling exercise to support your intentions and transcend limitations. Bio ​ Shauna is a Certified Luminary Life Coach receiving two certifications from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and the International Coach Federation (ICF). She has offered her intuitive coaching and helped many women transform their lives since 2013. Shauna is a 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher and a 5-hour Certified Yin Yoga Teacher, teaching both online and in-person classes since 2016.

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Kay Campbell

Sound Meditation
with Group Reiki

Class Description & Bio Join us as we welcome the spring equinox, embrace more light, and celebrate new growth and rebirth on earth and in our hearts.  This spring equinox sound meditation will leave you feeling relaxed, blissful, and rejuvenated.  Come as you are or bring friends.  We begin with a brief guided meditation followed by a transformative gong bath with three gongs, singing bowls, and chimes.  The music of the gongs allows participants to use sound as a meditative tool to disconnect from daily stressors and delve into a relaxed state. Sound meditation quiets the mind, allowing for overall wellbeing, less stress, better sleep, and new inspiration. ​ No skill is required. Only the desire to access the quiet place in your mind. The place that is patiently waiting for you.  Participants will be laying or seated on the floor. Please wear comfortable clothing. Yoga mats will be provided, or you are invited to bring your own mat, blanket, eye mask, or anything to be comfortable lying or sitting down.  ​ This workshop is not recommended for those fitted with pacemakers or insulin pumps or in the first trimester of pregnancy. ​ Bio ​ Life is a wonderful winding road that offers so may side paths to explore.  Kay learned how to play the gongs when starting her Reiki journey a few years ago.  Her goal is to share their resonance and power with all who wish to experience their awe.   She earned her Reiki level I, II, and then became a Usui Reiki Master and meditation guide in February of 2022 at Natural Healer.  She is a former social worker and geriatric care manger, a mother, sister, daughter, friend, and student of life.  She holds Sound Meditation events with gongs, singing bowls, and chimes throughout southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts.  the 500-hr track. She has been teaching for 6 years, has over 1,000 teaching hours and is completely in love with offering classes with the belief that Yoga enhances your life in so many beautiful ways. Kelcey is currently exploring what it means to be nourished, whole & complete in her personal practice, and she is committed to leading students to meet themselves in this light. Practice with Kelcey at HEY - she has created a soft place to land for the body, mind & soul.


exchange: pricing information 

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Due to the size of the studio, we can only accommodate 12 students comfortably, so we are opening up registration to those who would like to attend the whole day to book their spot first.

Please Note


If you would like to purchase a spot for the whole day for $120, Registration will be open from 3/3/23 to 3/9/23.


Anyone who would like to attend an area of FOCUS either Body, Mind, or Soul will be able to purchase second for $45, and registration will be open from 3/10/23 to 3/14/23.


Lastly, if any spots remain, we will open to those who wish to attend a single class. Registration for a single class will be open from 3/15/23 to 3/18/23 for varying pricing from $15- $35.

Registration openings will be communicated via email and social media - Please join our email list on the home page to stay in the know, and/or give us a follow on social media. 

This is going to be a big day! We can't wait to practice with you!


when & how to book


Registration for this event is closed

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