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Spring Equinox Week at HEY

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Welcome a season of growth, new life and sunshine with clarity and intention.

The change of the season is a potent time to reflect, release, and return to your practice for clarity and balance. 

There are many different ways to welcome this change and several opportunities to practice at HEY this week!

A day of equal light & dark

The Spring equinox is upon us - occurring this Sunday 3/20/22 at 11:33AM. Day and night are equal offering balance and wholeness. This is a day to practice. Practice finding stillness in the space between - light & dark, the sun & moon, the old & new, death & rebirth. When living in unison with the change of the seasons, Spring is a period of rebirth - granting us an opportunity to awaken from the slumber of winter and emerge from the shadow, as we step fully into the light that is returning to the Northern Hemisphere. Possibility, new beginnings, new paths to unfold, new seeds of intention to plant within. 

Spring offers a thawing of projects and ideas that we may have put on hold through the winter, and the equinox invites you to revisit your dreams, your desires, your highest visions, and/or your goals as you remind yourself of your purpose. To fully align with the change of the season, I invite you to shift your focus to welcoming clarity this week - several days leading up to the equinox and several days after - focus on clearing whatever you feel guided to clear in your life.

Below is a simple practice that can be done in under 5 minutes!


Shift your focus to welcoming clarity of the mind as you clean up your thoughts, your narrative, stories and beliefs that are no longer needed. 

Close your eyes, and center your awareness as you come to the belly breath.

I breathe in light into my mind, I breathe out my mind is clear... (repeat 3-5x, followed by a moment of stillness)

Welcome clarity of the body as you feel all that you need to feel, as you clear tension, stored emotions, and any stagnant or stuck energy. 

I breathe in light into my body, I breathe out my body is clear... (repeat 3-5x, followed by a moment of stillness)

Welcome clarity of the heart as you greet your heart with love, kindness and compassion. Connecting to your heart's desires and remembering your purpose. 

I breathe in light into my heart, I breathe out my heart is clear... (repeat 3-5x, followed by a moment of stillness)

Sitting in stillness, I invite you to welcome clarity, call it in, ask for it. Clarity of mind, body and heart. Listen to the quiet whispers. Listen to the pulls of your soul. Allow yourself to tune into the wisdom that you hold within. 

Other ways to welcome clarity...

There are SO MANY WAYS, but here are a few that I love.

Spring cleaning. YES.. it is an actual thing and it makes so much sense. I invite you to tend to your physical space. Move some things around - rearrange your furniture! If you can't move your furniture, then rearrange your trinkets, pictures, things on display - this will create new energy pathways in your space. Then, clean your space. The return of the light illuminates all the dust and cobwebs we've collected while in our period of rest. It's time to wash away! Declutter! Let go of all that is old and all that no longer excites your spirit.

Get intentional with water! Take a bath with salt or if you can't take a bath, allow the cleansing properties of water to wash over you in the shower - holding the intention that you are washing away all that is no longer serving you as the water purifies your energy and your aura. 

Journal. Journal. Journal. If journaling is not really your thing, or if you struggle with sticking with it, the change of the season IS the time to return to your journal to reflect, to tap into your creative stream, to connect with yourself and the divine. I invite you to pick a song that is at least 5 minutes long. Press play and free write! Don't let your pen leave the page until the song is over. There is no right or wrong and you don't have to think about it. Just let it flow. Out of the thinking mind, into the heart and onto the page is the best feeling of possibility to tap into. 

If journaling prompts are more your style... here are a few below - complete the sentence and keep it going!

I choose to release and surrender __________________________

I am no longer willing to entertain __________________________

Lessons I no longer need to keep learning __________________

My heart is longing to ________________________________________

This season, I have a deep desire to _________________________

My highest vision entails _____________________________________

Balance in my life looks like__________________________________

Balance in my life feels like __________________________________

When I am aligned with my light I feel ______________________

So many ways to harness the beautiful energy of new beginnings that this season offers, and I hope these simple practices help you welcome clarity this week as we shed our winter layers and turn our faces towards the sun.

Welcome spring at The Heart Exchange this week

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This class is part of the new rotating schedule on Tuesday evenings, Chakra Balance falls on the perfect week as this is a great time to tune into your energy and clear/balance your chakras.

Explore the 7 Chakras through a variety of poses. From the root to the crown, you will be guided through a mix of flows and holds to clear, heal and balance each chakra on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level. This practice is for beginner yogis who are interested in exploring energy and alternative modalities of healing.

AND all classes that are part of the weekly rotation are being offered for only $10 for drop-ins (free for members)

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I LOVE leading meditations, and I am feeling very inspired about this one on Thursday 3/17, 6-7pm. No movement... only guided meditation, journaling and time for discussion at the end! 

This will be a journey inward. A remembering... contemplating the 3 soul questions: who am I, what do I desire, what is my purpose? As we move through this period of rebirth.

$10 drop in for non-members, dress comfortably, blankets are recommended, and bring a journal and something to write with!

AND Drumroll please.....

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This Sunday, on the equinox, I am teaming up with Tatiana Tremblay for a beautiful event to welcome the change of the season. We will start off with a beginner yoga practice to clear out the nooks and crannies of the body as we move to release tension and create space within the mind, body and soul.


Followed by a Sound Bath lead by Tatiana to offer deeper clearing and healing through various instruments including the crystal bowls, gong, drums, singing, chanting and the list goes on! Reiki healing will also be offered throughout to restore and balance. 

Experience the shift with us! 10:30am -12:30pm - Exchange: $40 per person!

Only 12 spots available...

***GIVEAWAY: Take a class either Tuesday night or Thursday night classes (mentioned above) and be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a FREE spot to the sound healing! 

I hope to see you at the studio this week!

Love & Namaste, 

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