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Heart Chakra Activation Series


3-weeks of exploring the heart chakra to clear, heal, restore and balance as you step fully into your highest version of self and the loving being that you are. 

Thursdays 6-7:30 | Begins February 10th

Exchange: $45 / $36 for I AM Limitless Members

The Basics of the Chakras 

There are 7 wheels of energy that align from the crown of your head to the base of your spine, and these "wheels" are known as the chakras. The chakras are essentially spinning vortexes that aid in the flow of energy throughout the body, and overtime they can either accumulate energy and become blocked (under-active), or they can become so open, causing an overflow of energy and would be recognized as overactive. Each state having its own set of "symptoms," the flow of the chakras can effect your wellbeing physically, mentally and emotionally, and so we must explore ways to keep our energy clear, balanced and aligned. 

There are many different practices and modalities that correlate with the chakras: In general terms, movement (like specific yoga poses), breathwork, meditation, affirmations and mudras are just a few way to free up blockages and restore optimal Qi. On a frequency level, the chakras can be balanced through eating certain foods, working with the energy of colors, sound healing, and chanting mantras, crystals, teas, etc. Reiki or other forms of energy healing techniques can also be used to shift energy. Use your intuition, explore different techniques from a place of curiosity, and hone in on what feels authentic to you. 

The Heart Chakra: Anahata

In this 3-part series you will be introduced to the Heart Chakra, or the Anahata Chakra which translates to "unstuck" in Sanskrit. It can also be translated to "infinite," "unhurt," or "boundless," and is directly related to your ability to give and receive love freely to yourself and all beings. It is the 4th chakra located at the center of your chest, and it is where the lower 3 and upper 3 chakras meet. The Heart Chakra holds the capacity to love with ease. It is a space of compassion, belonging, desire, and trust. It is a space of wisdom, intuition, or inner knowing. Your heart space is your inner compass. 

When your Heart Chakra is balanced, love and compassion flows freely. You are open to experience your highest excitements. You hold a deep sense of trust in yourself and the experiences that are presented to you on your path - including the challenges, for which you flow through with ease and grace. With a balanced heart you feel a deep sense of belonging and feel connected to yourself, your loved ones, and the world around you. 

Physically, this Chakra is associated with your chest, lungs, arms and hands. Out of balance, you may experience heart or lung dis-ease, poor circulation, high or low blood pressure, respiratory or breathing difficulties. You may be challenged with anxiety or heart palpitations. 

Mentally and emotionally, when your Heart Chakra is blocked, you may feel shy, lonely, or unworthy. It may affect your ability to trust, forgive or empathize with others. This may lead to depression or anxiety and may present feelings of separateness, while on the other end of the spectrum, and overactive Heart Chakra you might experience co-dependency, jealousy, high expectations of others or harsh judgements of others. It could also lead to a need of being accepted by others. 

Some of these tendencies can be surface level and healed rather quickly, while others may be deeply rooted in our childhood conditioning and could take time and practice, but the practice is really about becoming aware of the current state of your Heart Chakra without any judgement or attachment. We will approach from a place of curiosity, knowing that this experience is only an opportunity to love deepen the love that you hold for yourself and the love that you offer to the world

Let's Re-Balance Together

Join studio owner, Kelcey Waldron! Here is a break down of what will be offered in this series:

Week 1 (February 10th): A Clear Heart - To kick off the series we will move through a traditional Hatha Yoga practice that touches on the breath, body and mind. It will include a series of poses that correlate with the heart chakra, to physically create space in the chest, shoulders, arms and upper back. The focus of this practice is to to lean into the current state of the energy that you carry within your heart-center. You will be guided to approach this part of yourself from a place of love, compassion, curiosity and non-judgement. We will also spend time in reflection through journaling and meditation to clear your heart, and you will leave with different techniques and practices to work with as you continue to clear in your day to day life.

Week 2 (February 17th): A Restored Heart - The second week we will explore a heart-centered restorative practice that will focus on gentle and supported poses to promote deep relaxation and healing. During periods of stillness and rest, guided meditation, reiki and sound healing will be offered to restore and balance the heart chakra.

Week 3 (February 24th): A Flowing Heart - The third and final week we will energize and activate the heart with a lively Vinyasa flow-based practice. You will come full circle to release the old layer of energy that you no longer need to work with and step fully into the essence of your highest Self. In full expression of the heart-centered, loving being that you are. Open, whole and complete. 

Are you in or are you IN?!!

You will need a journal and a blanket. Props will be provided, but if you have your own, certainly bring them! 

We will move, breathe, meditate, pull cards, journal, reflect, heal through reiki, and sound. You will be given all the tools to clear and balance your heart in your day to day life!

Only 6 spots available! Don't wait!

I can't wait to practice with you. 

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